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Jul 16, 2012
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Hey guys,

I have been trying to develop a successful tactic on the new patch, I feel I am close but have began running out of idea's, so have come for some advice or further idea's on this.

The tactic:

View attachment 311517

I have named the tactic expression, as I am wanting my players to express themselves out on the pitch playing the beautiful game....cheesy i know.

The idea:

To play a short passing possession based game high up the park and look for neat runs that create scoring opportunities. This is to happen whilst not allowing the opponent the opportunity to create chances and get out of their half much.

The players:

Sweeper Keeper: as the devensive line is pushed up this guy will aim to collect through balls/balls over the top and help retain possession.

CB's: one ball playing to start moves from the back and turnover possession as soon as possible, and one regular centre back winning the ball and playing a short pass to one of the creative deep lying playmakers.

wing backs: overlapping the inside forwards looking to get balls crossed into the front post, where hopefully the advanced forward is making a run to. set to automatic so that they cover the wings preventing crosses.

Deeplying Playmakers: 2 of these sitting deep, winning the ball back and providing a barrier in front of the 2 cb's turning over possession and playing passes to allow attacking moves.

advanced playmaker: Main creative force of the team and set as playmaker in the team instructions will look to get the ball from defensive players and pass into area's where attacking players will be running.

inside forwards: wide players who cut inside looking to penetrate the defense with incisive runs and through balls. Also a goal scoring threat in open play.

Advanced forward: the goal scorer, set to target man supply to feet, will link up with inside forwards and create chances by laying off balls to them.


View attachment 311518

Results have not exactly been impressive having bossed alot of games on possession and shots but not creating enough CCC's or scoring the goals expected.

stats from a few games:

View attachment 311519View attachment 311520View attachment 311521

What i'm looking for is how to turn this superiority into victories, any advice welcome and thanks for your time.