May 1, 2009
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Im in 2013, and Allan McGregor(£2.2m) keeps failing to turn up to training, i have warned and fined him on more than 5 occasions, and, being as tempered as he is, he became unhappy that he was fined, and requested a transfer to which I rejected, as he is a great player.

Because of the poor discipline McGregor has shown, he has upset some key players like Ivica Olic, Christopher Samba, Kenny Miller and Alan Smith, and i really don't want to upset them myself.

Only thing is, he is a great keeper, who puts in great performances, and it would be a shame to see him go, saying that, i am also £35m in debt, and could do with a bit of cash. I also have Fraser Forster on the bench, who is unhappy at not getting played.

Advice im looking for is;
- Should i sell McGregor, and if so, how much for.
- What should i do with Forster
- If i sell McGregor, who could i replace him with (bear in mind he will be signed in the 2013 summer window)

(I cant post screenshots at the moment)
Sack him off for being such a ****. I'd think Foster would come a decent number one? Alex Smithies? Ochoa?
Sack him off for being such a ****. I'd think Foster would come a decent number one? Alex Smithies? Ochoa?

Ive just found joe lewis's contract is up at the end of the season, so ill keep an eye on him and maybe make forster number one.

Smithies and Ochoa would be good, but i doubt my transfer budget would be big with such a large debt. Ill give them a scout though, and hope prize money clears some debt.
Just close all the brothels that should sort him out :D

But seriously try Jack/Joe Butland Birmingham keeper :)
Just sell him obviously mate , for whatever you get! play forster or sign alex smithies!
sell him try and get atleast £5 million for him. Put foster as your number 1 and have a look at frey at fiorentina he's available for £7.5 million usually if you can afford that
joe lewis is decent, but if you can get smithies do. try and get some good money for mcgregor then bring smithies in, cos hes just taken over mcgregor as my number 1.