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Advice on my 3 tactics...?


Apr 2, 2012
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Standard Tactic - Will be starting pretty much every match with this providing its effective.

Attacking Tactic - Deployed when I need to score. More creative freedom. Direct passing from the deeper players and shorter passing amongst the attacking players with more freedom and roaming. Very high line with the HB offering a quick passing option if the opposition clear it long. Would a poacher be better suited?

Defensive Tactic - Deployed when I need to hold onto games. Very narrow defense with FBs not going forward and staying narrow. Limited crossing throughout the entire team as I dont want to lose possession easily. Defenders and DM dont close down but hold their position and attackers and CMs close down heavily. Advanced playmaker roams and offers a passing option to get the ball forward and the IF holds up play and waits for the support of the CMs to maintain possession. My only real worry is the wingers not coming back to cover for the FBs who could be overloaded by the opposition...but at the same time I feel I need a counter attacking outlet to be able to get the ball up the other end.

The key im looking for in all these tactics is balance. A strong, compact defense with some quick transition play and creativity in the final third. Support for both attacking and defensive players is crucial.

I haven't tested these out yet as I'm in an important part of the season and wanted to make sure there are no major flaws by sharing them on here for advice and feedback.


Staff member
Jan 27, 2010
The best best is too play a test run or lots of friendlies. guessing at a screenshot is going to be useless for us, Cant see playe instuctions, PPMs, Player instructions or how the other team is setting up.


May 20, 2015
I have taken a look at this, I think the only thing I can think of, looking at your "standard" tactic any way. As Hazard will be cutting inside and Rahman will push forward down the left hand side, your left flank might be a bit exposed.

As you have Hazard cutting in from the inside, you could use Pedro as a winger or similar so he can cross for Hazard, Costa and Fabregas in the middle.

I think that would be all I would change, Rahman on support role so the left is not too exposed and then change Pedro so he is crossing is more - or if you do want Pedro to cut inside maybe put Azpilicueta on a more attacking role and Fabregas on support.

I put an image below of how the players would move to illustrate the above more.

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