Nov 4, 2009
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Hi guys,

Just after a little bit of advice / peoples thoughts on my 442 tactic. I am Blackburn in the Premiership in 2016. We have a reasonable squad. Should be able to achieve top half finish really. However we've been kind of struggling lately. So I made this Counter mentality 442 and we are playing well, ratings of 7.0 and over for most players most matches. We beat Birmingham 3-2 in the FA Cup, lost 1-0 to Chelsea but played really well and we missed a penalty. Then Tottenham smashed us 4-1, and just now drawn 0-0 away at Newcastle. So as I said we're doing OK but I just wonder if anyone could give me a tip or too to give us that extra bit of push to turn draws into wins? Any help most appreciated!

Here's my tactic:

Well you would think to play like that, but I've tried that and it didn't work. Left us too open and exposed. I don't like altering the sliders as I use shouts too. Also a counter attacking tactic you would want to be compressed to not give the opponents much room or space. I used to always play Rigid philosophy but thought I'd try this on Fluid and it's been really good. It seems to me to give the breaking players a little more freedom / roaming which helps the counter attack build. We've gone on 5 game unbeaten run so think I'll keep it the way it is for now, but thanks!