AFC Ajax - Big Club, Small Country Challenge


Apr 3, 2012
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AFC Ajax - Big Club, Small Country Challenge

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As some people may know, the nationality of your manager can make some of the regens that come through the Youth Academy the same nationality as your manager. The aim of the challenge is to create a manager with a nationality that has never qualified for the World Cup Finals, using your youth intake as the main players for your nation. To complete the challenge you must win your domestic League Title and Champions League with your club, and the World Cup with your country.

The Rules

Create your Manager(Make sure he is of your chosen nationality)
Select past Experience(International Recommended)
Choose your Club(Any club is fine)
Load all players from chosen Nation(you can decide what size of database - no other additional customising is allowed)
When the National Job becomes available you must apply for it

Link to the Challenge: Big Club, Small Country - Challenge

So I decides to manage AFC Ajax, with my Finnish former international, Esko Keskitalo (He has games played because I'm already a few months in):

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