Dec 2, 2009
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I have just started a game with AFC Wimbledon, however I'm struggling to get players to join me. To my surprise I managed to get Arsenal as a parent club, however I haven't managed to get any of their players on loan, as they aren't willing to join me.
So I'm looking for free transfers or loan signings who will join my team (currently in BSP).
Much needed positions are LB, LM, RM, but I am looking for all positions.
Fofana LW
Nade RW
Sakali RW

These will do the job in League 1
They joined me on Dover in BSS

Worth to check out also:

Liam O'brien GK
King Gyan CM
Nicholas Oliver CB
Devann Yao and Andy Robinson are good R/L midfielders who still start for me in League 1 on one of my Wimbledon saves. Stuart Giddings is a good back up for Andre Blackman (Blackman actually turns out pretty good if you give him regular time). Mustapha Sama (CB) is amazing for me, as well as Gauthier Mahoto (playing as ball winning CM). You'll definitely want a new GK as Seb Brown has never done good for me (I have like 4 or 5 Wimbledon saves), I'd recommend either Liam O'Brien or Gregory Hartley. O'Brien is better in beginning but Hartley has a bigger upside IMO.

Strikers: Jack Sampson, Tim Hopkinson, Terry Dixon.

Hope this helps!