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Nov 23, 2009
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AFC Wimbledon rising from the depths

I have decided to manage AFC Wimbledon as I felt that this would be a good challenge for myself building a club from the depths of the Blue Square Premier with the eventual aim of reaching the English Premier League and succeeding in Europe. The first thing that I wanted to do was to decide how I wanted the club to play football, one of my favoured formations is the 4-1-2-1-2 and make use of attacking wingbacks to provide the width and a fluid central midfield.


This is a screenshot of the formation that I will be playing hopefully it will prove to be successful.

Squad Revolution

I have decided to target young players who I believe will be able to develop and play with me through the divisions. The only player that I felt would be worth having as part of the new project was the striker Danny Kedwell.


I felt he would have the aggression, work rate and physical attributes to work well with another fast striker that I would be signing.

I managed to secure 13 players as well as offloading 2.


Here are a closer look at the signings.


Lee Currie a strong central midfielder especially for this level strong team working and work rate as well as long shots and passing he should prove to be a good signing.


Leandro Depetris is a great signing he will lead my attacking diamond in the AMC position with great technique, passing, pace and great agility he should prove to be great at creating goals and hopefully chipping in with a few as well.


All good teams need a strong goalkeeper and for his age Florent is great, good reflexes, one on ones and kicking should allow him to be great at this level. At the age of 21 plenty of time for him to develop into a top goalkeeper.


With the wingbacks required to provide the width for my squad it is imperative that I have fast players who can get up and down the wings all day I feel that Cedric has a great work rate and pace to do this.


The way I play football on this game I feel that it is important to have a holding midfielder that can provide the steel in midfield winning the ball back. For his age Mickael has great mental attributes for his age as well as strong physical attributes.


Gauthier is my central playmaker that will play on the right of the 2 central players. He has the traits of playing killer passes, dictates tempo and stops play, so I feel he will be the orchestrator pulling the strings in central midfield.


Again going for a pacey wingback that has the ability to push on and provide the width for my team, a determined individual with a great work rate should fit in perfectly.


As I am changing the formation I require back up in some extra positions and I feel that Mehdi will play as backup for Leandro very strong physically for the league another good signing.


Danny is a fabulous signing for us, great physically, and also with crossing ability to put some balls in for Kedwell if required.


Morgan is a strong centre back for the division with plenty of pace to get back and he will act as my covering defender.


Signed as a backup for Danny Uchechi if required and I feel he was another steel decent pace and finishing attributes should prove successful at this level.


Another strong centre back with great concentration attributes important for my team holding a high line.

I have left out one signing a certain Pierre-Francois Sodini as he has a global ban until December 2010.

All together I feel that I have made some great signings time will tell as to whether they are going to be as successful as I hope.

My next post will contain pre-season and the first 5 fixtures in the League.
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