Dec 12, 2010
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I'm currently playing with Malaga and as I am using an update I don't have players like Demichelis, Toulalan or Isco which I could sell to generate some money. My best player is Julio Baptista who is injured for 9 months. However, Malaga is hugely indebted which means that I lose 5-6mio each month. The balance projections for this year are -30mio and the second year won't be any better. So I wonder what will happen if I can't bring back any money? Will the club be sold, will I get fired or do they just take a new loan? I am actually doing really well. I am 4th with a pretty weak squad after 13 matches.
thanks for your answers
there is a chance that club will be sold and your club can become rich club if the new owner is arabian or russian (no offense) :D
But if it is not a tycoon? Will the board just change and they will just take a loan to restore the balance?
I think it's more probably your managing club will be sold, that may be a good stuff though.
I haven't been into admin before, but I would suspect if someone doesn't buy your club your players will be sold without your control and you will definitely get points deductions. I'd start planning your team for the Liga Adelante now, getting good cheap youngsters who probably aren't quite good enough for the Liga BBVA, but in a couple of season will have developed to get you back into the top tier. (You will almost certainly get relageted once you go into administartion :()
you will be fine.. there is no points deduction for going into administration in spain. if anything its a blessing in disguise, the debts will be reduced and the only problem you will have is that the administrators will sell your players without your blessing so just make sure your squad can cope
I think the club is past the worst. I managed to become 3rd and with CL football now assured I can look to a brighter future. Especially the sales of Kameni, Fernandez and Baptista brought the balance back to an acceptable level.