After patch your Wingers/Inside forwards score less goals?


Nov 5, 2009
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Am i the only one who have noticed your Wingers doesnt score that much goals anymore? - Last season before the patch Eden Hazard had 25 goals in 50 apperances.

After the patch now he has 5 in 20 games.

Anyone else noticed your wingers is less scoring after the patch?
Wingers dribbling isn't as effective now so they can't fly past full backs, so you would expect they would get less chances!

I changed a few things in my tactics and I've managed to get my wingers scoring well, they just play a different role to before! I play a 4-2-3-1, still have them set as winger (attack), but wide play is set to 'moves into channels' rather than 'hugs touchline' or 'normal', and I changed my full backs to wing backs so they overlap the slightly narrower's working well.
In contrast I notice my AP is scoring more since the patch. My wingers still get plenty though . It's hard to compare on any given season
My wingers/inside forwards score less, yeah. They were scoring upwards of 20 goals a season. Tad unrealistic. But my striker now scores much more. Fixed it by adding a big brute up front, Lewandowski/Falcao mold. Carves out space, bullies defenders and allows other players into the game.
Yeah, the patch has worked in that they toned down the tendency of wide players to shoot from long range. The downside is though, i've had to start playing two upfront by getting rid of my anchor man and i'm conceding a lot more goals and my wingers are scoring less :(
Might try what you have done, seems like it could work for my team
My wingers, especially my "left wide midfielder" is scoring more than usual haha. 14 matches, 11 goals, 8 assists. That's over double compare to last season with only 5 goals and 15 assists in 32 matches.
This is all for Manchester City tactic to work even better!!!!
Im considering going two strikers after the season, as Wingers were much more usefull last patch, I KNOW that it was unrealistic, Hazard was Unreal in my chelsea save. 25 goals a season - My overall top scorer.

I think its nice that they fixed it, just have to try something else out then :)

cheers for all your input