After years of midtable anonymity I need tactical help.


Jan 6, 2012
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Hey guys, I've been playing for a few seasons with Paris FC, and I've finally put together a good team that should be capable of competing for a champions league position. I've been messing around with tactics nearly all the time. Now the kicker... I've been starting with tactics I find here, I play them until I'm fluid and then start tweaking based off the things I see. Regardless of the tactic I choose, my attackers just never seem to do anything. My striker is either a dud or a goal scoring maniac (despite his decent consistency attribute). Playing with vanilla Raikan's AMC tactic (with an AMC with 160CA/185PA so not exactly garbage) I get countered to death and end up most games with 60% possession and maybe 6 shots with 2 on target losing due to a nasty counter or two and a set piece. Whenever we play a weak team we lose, though the exact opposite happens when we play the giants in the league. I'm getting frustrated that I'm laboring over maybe finishing 5th or 6th in the league.

I really think that there's just something specific that I'm missing, like one thing that is just ******** me up, can anyone help? ...because I'm starting to get real frustrated.

I can upload pictures of my tactics if that can help, but I think it may be easier to just have my save uploaded because it maybe player related so here's a link

I've been combing over my players and there are a few with low bravery, I know that does hurt the attack, but is it thaat deadly?
instead of using the same tactic but tweaking it when you're playing the weaker teams how about trying a different tactic? sometimes different team's style of play/tactic can affect the effectiveness of your tactic so try a different tactic against them?
Just played the next game in your save and we won 5-0.

12 shots, 10 on target, 3 CCCs, 59% possession, 87% pass completion, average player rating 8.45. Seems pretty decent to me ;).

I made no changes to your starting 11, no substitutions, pre-match team talk was an assertive "i expect a win", half time (we were winning 3-0) was assertively "don't get complacent", and I used no shouts. What talks do you use? Don't be afraid to use aggressive "i expect better" during half time if you are losing or drawing.

One thing - do you ever change the mentality during a match? The tactic uses a "standard" mentality - take a look at the Team Instructions screen and read the "standard" definition.

If you are finding a team difficult to breakdown, or are afraid of counter attacks, try switching it to a "Control" mentality or even "Attacking" if the opposition is particularly defensive during a match. You could even try starting a match with a different mentality if you think the opposition warrants it.

I don't think there is much wrong with your players, although one or two are slightly out of position but nothing dramatic.

Individual training seems ok, although I personally prefer training players for the position they play in - but that is just personal preference.

You have team training set to Team Cohesion High, which might just be because you are at the start of the season. Balanced/Average is possibly better once the tactics are fluid.

Some of your coaches might be a little weak for the strength of your team. Swap Sylvestre to Attacking Coach (4 stars). Your tactics coach and both goalie coaches are only 3.5 stars, so might be worth getting better ones in. There are also better Fitness Coaches out there. Having had a quick flick through the coaches available, you should be able to cover every role with a 4.5 star coach. If you do, don't just sack everyone at once - make sure you still have all positions covered while you make changes so that training isn't interrupted. Change two or three at a time.