Against Modern Football - An Arsenal Story


Aug 6, 2010
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One Team In North London

Growing up on the terraces, week in week out, home and away. It's all changed now, 62 pound for a ticket at a team who haven't won a trophy in 7, almost 8 years. What has happened in the footballing world, I grew up in a poor place in the North of London, not far from Highbury itself. Never had a lot of money in the family and never knew what I wanted to be, no goals, no aspirations, nothing. I started gambling at a young age, 16 in fact, This is where life began. I was kicked out and living on the streets at 18 with loan and bank companys after me, after losing, I would say close to 10 thousand pounds. Contemplated suicide on numerous occasions, but how selfish ey? After this the only thing that kept me going was the football, It was one day on the streets of London, a young chap came up to me and hit me for no reason, other than me living homeless, thats when i decided to change my life forever. I started with a few drinks in the pub, and then went to the shops, shaved my head completely, lost all my facial hair, and brought a few clothes with the money people had given me. Must of applied for over 200 jobs, and after finally getting one, It was Arsenal that I loved, spent most of my wages on home and away games every month. Couldn't get enough and even made a few friends on the way. Now it's to expensive,I gave my last bit of money to the club, before ticket prices made me only able to go to 5-10 games a season. I thought I'd try this story to try change Arsenal for the better I guess. I don't want any sympathy for my story as it was my own fault, would love comments on what people thing though..
Are you going to use the editor to change ticket prices etc?