Nov 29, 2010
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Is the agent side of the game a good addition ? and secondly do agent fees and signing on fees come out of your transfer budget or the clubs budget ?
And on the training side how important is it in the game for you to tweak with the training schedules etc to get results in the game ?
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Agents fee's and signing on fee's both come out of the clubs overall budget. Not the transfer budget. However, do be careful with how much you are giving to the agent and player, and with clauses too! They will soon eat away your finances. You may not even realize it, but on top of your say £130,000 per week wage pay, you are also giving away say £60,000 in appearance fee's! Plus another £7,000 for people who scored. They add up!

Training is a very important aspect of the game. It is useful for improving young players, and also getting the results you are after. The best thing to do if you're unfimiliar with the training aspect of the game, is to either download a training regime from either here of another fansite, or you could read a guide, or your last resort could just be to visit the Backroom Advice screen in game, and your staff will tell you which training schedules they want to do, and which players should be doing what! :)
Thanks for your help, I have played the game since the Amiga days , Its only through the Fm Base site and Forums that i am realizing how deep this game is. Haven't got the new version yet getting it for christmas along with the new laptop :)