Dec 28, 2010
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Hi guys, welcome to my first tactic for our beloved forum FM Base! First I want to say that my english sucks and I'm sucks at writing too(and lazy) so I'll just bombard you with screenshoot instead of a huge wall of text;).

Fluid 4-2-4 and Sexy Football

The Tactic:

As you can see, I set my strikers as primary playmaker and target man of my team. The aim is for my strikers to get the ball as much as possible to increase the scoring chances so they are key player of the team (will cover this later) with the wingers and MC feeding through ball for the ST. I also set them to swap position to confuse enemy's CB so they are harder to mark.Fluid mentality will make the tactic more enjoyable to watch ;)

Player Requirement:

A good GK is quite important because this is an offensive tactic and the defence is quite leaky. Attribute: Reflexes, One on one, Rushing out, handling, positioning

WB(support): Will get forward more often than the fullback so he need good attacking and defending, pace and stamina. Attributes: Marking, tackling, crossing, positioning, pace, stamina

DCs(defend): nothing special just sign a guy that can mark and tackle. It's highly recommended a pacey CB although not a must. NOTE: put your DC with good marking at the DCL position and the one with more pace and tackling& anticipation at the DCR position.
Attributes: marking, tackling, positioning, anticipation, decision, pace(not a must) .

FB(support): slighly defensive than the wingback so he need better defending attributes but still need those fitness as wingback. Attributes: marking, tackling, positioning, pace, stamina, work rate

Ball winning cm(defend): will look to tackle the most. Win the ball and play a simple pass to nearby teammate. Attributes: tackling, marking, strength, work rate, teamwork, bravery.

Adv playmaker(support): Just sign a guy who can pass well and creative. Will get assists but not as much as the winger. Attributes: passing, creativity, flair, decision, anticipation

Inside forwards(attack): A key player for the tactic. Needs high dribbling (15+), creativity and some teamwork as well as pace. Finishing is a huge boost although not extremely important.
Attributes: dribbling, flair, technique, creativity, pace, passomg, decision, finishing( not a must).

Adv forwards(attack): Another key player. Left ST is a more creator type with lower mentality and more through ball whilst the right ST is a finisher. They swap position so the attributes must be pretty similar.At least both of them must can finish and have decent teamwork/work rate. Attributes: Finishing, composure, off the ball, creativity, pace, teamwork, work rate

Key player:
There are 3 key players for the team which you must look after to invest at the transfer market :

GK: As I stated above, because we play a attacking football then the defence is quite shaky and will concede some shot. A good GK will make your team relax so that they can focus on ripping the opposition apart. Recommended: Rene Adler, Akinfeev, Sergio Romero, Sebastian Frey

AMRL: will get the most assists for the team, and if they have good finish will net some goals as well. Please note that you must play a left footed (at least fairly strong) on the right and right footed (at least fairly strong) on the left or ELSE THIS TACTIC WONT WORK BECAUSE THEY WON'T CUT INSIDE!! Sign a 2 footed player if you can!
Recommended : Douglas Costa, Ibrahim Afellay, Nani, Eden Hazard, Juan Mata

ST: The spearhead of the tactic. Must be able to finish and create and good team player. It's recommended to have at least 4 striker ( 2 first team and 2 backup) incase they suffer from injuries/suspension.
Recommended: Luis Suarez, Federico Macheda, Diego Tardelli, Khouma Babacar, Giampaolo Pazzini,

I won everything in 1st season as Man Utd except the champions league( lost 2-0 to Lyon at semifinalXD) , only lost 3 times at ALL competition and almost unbeaten in the Premier League. Now playing the 2nd season and still unbeaten :) . Check out the screenies!





2nd season fixture:


Some match results:
View attachment 136546
View attachment 136559
View attachment 136502
View attachment 136503
View attachment 136897
View attachment 136898
View attachment 136899
View attachment 137138



View attachment 136513
View attachment 136901
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OI: None
Match Preparation: Use team blend at the start until the tactic is fluid, then change to attacking movement. Or you can leave it to your *** man if they're good
Shouts: When you're happy with your lead, use take breather and retain possession
Pitch size:Max pitch
ST(play one two and place shot), DC and ball winning (play simple pass), AMRL (killer balls, cut inside, place shot), playmaker (killer ball, look for pass than shot)
Team talks: I always use wolfsong's team talk. You can find it here
Coaches: See Hellroker's amazing thread here
Training: I use Dunc's schedule. Put all of your strikers to adv st training

Tweakings: Please mind that this is not a tactic for fat lazy guy. You should do some minor tweaking depending on your team/ opposition.

  • Change the defence line based on your CB's pace and your team. I usually leave it on 'push up' , but if you're small team then change it to normal and deep if you're playing against pacey striker
  • If your fullback is good at attacking then place him on the 'wingback' role, if not just leave it on the 'fullback' role. If they are world class such as Maicon/Evra then change the duty to 'automatic'
  • If your inside forwards is 2 footed and can play at both flanks, tell them to swap position
  • Set your best header to 'attack far post' on corner, and coner instructions to 'far post'
  • etc, if you think you need some help about tweaking , you can discuss here or PM me:D

Final words:
Finally, thanks for reading( and downloading) my just decent tactic. I don't know whether it works with lower league team as I never play with them, but should pretty solid with middle and top team provided you have the required players. NOTE THAT this tactic won't give you 100% winning rate and that's impossible!! You can still lose just with any tactic and if you hate it just don't use my tactic simple as that.

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Do you think it would work in the lower leagues? L1/2 or conferance? Ill try and have a test for you later
@grenwald yes if you had good strikers. Leigh Griffths will **** them!
Once again, thanks for posting my coach thread AND giving me credit for it, unlike some people
gonna test this can you give a good team for the tactic and i post my results next day
gonna test this can you give a good team for the tactic and i post my results next day
Man city,atl madrid,villareal,napoli? Any team with good inside forwards and strikers is fine I think.

@hellroker you deserved it mate. It's a wonderful thread afterall
gonna test it with Dynamo Kyev and Rubin Kazan

il post screenies ;)
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I tried your tactic with Boston.Its very good tactic for home matches.8wins 2draws.Away 3 matches 3 loses.I think the defensive line must go to 10-12 because the defenders in low leagues have pace no more than 10.
I tried your tactic with Boston.Its very good tactic for home matches.8wins 2draws.Away 3 matches 3 loses.I think the defensive line must go to 10-12 because the defenders in low leagues have pace no more than 10.
Yes I also tend to struggle at away match sometimes so try to play safer by lowering the def line especially if you have snail CB. Actually I often tweak with the def line based on my opponent.

Newcastle Vs Arsenal.

View attachment 136888
Impressive results there anyway did you get lots of chances?Also could you post some fixture and league standing :)

I've edited the OP and now you can see the screenies again

Updated the tactic with little tweak for the DC to make it more solid at the back
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