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Aid me in 'getting into' a save please...

Dec 30, 2010
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So to expand in the subject a little, I have been a fan of fm for years like everyone. I usually find it takes me around 2-3 attempts to start a save which I enjoy and 'get into' and have a long term game. A long term game for me is only ever a maximum of around 5 seasons and I have never really taken a low profile club all the way, so that's not what I'm looking for here.

What I do want though I'd to finally get this version. I am still really struggling with it, have such poor success and god knows how many saves I have given up on after just a few weeks into the season. I badly want to but I can't enjoy it. I think because I can't play in successfully anymore.

I have tried the lesser in depth version but that I'd really unspeaking, I didn't like it at all. I think if I could just find a slightly above average team and manage to have some success I would dig it but I feel like I don't have ability needed now.

I feel this might cover other threads from the past but I would be so appreciative if anybody can offer suggestions or done encouragement I'm not just terrible at this game :)