Jun 21, 2010
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I'm starting my second season playing a 3-4-2-1 sort of formation which uses LM and RM, however they may have to be played as LWB and RWB depending on opponent.

Good stamina is vital and I'd prefer players with good technical ability seeing as I'll have lots of the ball quite often.

My budget is only £2 million but I can probably free up some more through sales.

The majority of my squad speak Dutch so a Dutch player or a player based in Holland would be brilliant but it's not the most important thing.

I currently have players such as Contento, Juelsgard, Drenthe, Babel and Serero who can play there, but they're not natural or at the level I need.
For me it depends how much you can get from sales, because £2 million isn't enough to bring in a player who will produce short-term results. On the other hand, if you're getting too much from selling players, you could be at risk of dismantling your squad too much. Don't lose your best players if you can avoid it.

What I would do, is generate enough funds to sign a defensive winger on one side. I would suggest Felipe on the left, or I've heard good things about Sebastien Corchia for the right.

For the other side, I would economize and just to with one of the players you've already got. Either pick one of the wingbacks you mentioned who aren't so good, or promote a kid from the academy, or retrain a player in your squad to play there.

I think making one transfer and using one of your own players to fill those 2 sides would be the best way forward. If you sign two new high-quality wide men, that could mean a deterioration of your squad to finance. Not only could that result in a lesser-quality squad, it would unsettle the team.

The other thing I'd say is to prioritise pace, stamina and work rate ahead of technical ability in your player search. The big advantage of having mobile wingbacks is that they create a numerical advantage for your team, but they've got to be able to get back quickly enough. If they don't have the ability to get forward throughout 90 minutes, they won't have as much time on the ball in the first place! Therefore their technical skills wouldn't actually be utilised so much. For me physique is the most important thing.

Bear in mind I'm no FM expert btw! But I hope this helps.
I gambled and brought through Fischer on the left in my 2nd season and sold Sulejmani to do it, worked a treat. Babel is also much better re-trained to the right than on the left in my experience, he'll destroy left backs in the Dutch league, and his selfishness is a little bit better when he's usually being forced to cross. Serero is also good on either wing.
I'm unsure what to with Fischer so I loaned him out to give him more experience, when I bring him back I might re-train him as a striker. I don't think him or Babel are good enough defensively to play the LM or RM role, I often put them at wing back depending on opposition. Serero has just come back from a long term injury and done fairly well, but he's currently being outshone by Anele who I brought in on loan from Benfica. He seems to out perform his attributes, very strong player. Even got himself a couple of goals playing as a defensive winger.