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Ajax Assassin - 4-1-2-3 (4-3-3)


Feb 8, 2017
Ajax Assassin's - Strikerless.

This is my first tactic uploaded, so pls go easy on me ;)

I have taken inspiration from a couple of tactics to formulate my own version (big shout out to TFF and others, who's tactics i have based my own off), i have always loved strikerless tactics, and have had great success over the last few FM's with the 2-3-2-3 strikerless, and in FM17 i have good success with the 5-2-3-0 strikerless, however i have always had a thing about not liking to use 3 central defenders (i feel like im losing something from the rest of the team :), and always like to try and wedge an extra midfielder in there for the extra midfield/forward control.

So this is my 4-1-2-3 strikerless formation, i use both Standard and Control versions, and for some reason i seem to have more success using Control than Standard, even though i would have expected standard mentality works better.

I am not claiming this is the "best tactic", i like to have successful tactics but also enjoy having a fun and exciting tactic and enjoy fitting players in to it, the fact i can technically fit 6 midfielders in this tactic, all high skill / good passing etc, is something i enjoy, developing and deploying players with skill, vision, flair and passing ability, unlocking defences with guile and finesse.

The Tactic:

View attachment 76442

1) The MCR is the more attacking of the two MC's, having the get further forward OI, other than that both roles have similar OI's, so if you have a slightly more forward thinnking/tenchical MC, put him in the CM Right slot.

2) I have played around with the MC roles as Carrilero/Mazella, Central Mid Support/Roaming Playmaker and other configs, but i cant yet decide which is optimal, the 2 x MC as above seem to work decently in front of the DM.

3) The WB's help give you a little width in attacking situations.

in my first season i did well, winning the Eredivise and the Dutch Cup, and getting to the Champions Cup Quarter Final, only losing to Man City.

The first season wasnt entirely this tactic, as i was trying to develop it / play with it, Kasper Dolberg in that first season scored 60 goals in 54 games, major players i sold at the end of the first season:

Kasper Dolberg to Chelsea - £95m
Hakim Ziyech to Tottenham - 27m

I have fought hard to keep De Light and others for now, i plan to develop them some more, and hopefully waiting for some of my youth players to be ready before i sell them on for a tidy sum.

I have purchased some nice little players to make the system work well while i wait for my youth produciton line to start producing, such as:

Xadas - 7.25m
Gonzalo Martinez - 4m
Bruno Fernandes - 9.75m
Nicolas Tagliafico - 750k

My plan with these type of players, is to buy cheap (or at least reasonable), that i can develop and sell on in time for profit once my youth are ready to replace them.

I have mainly looked to develop my youth (like any good Ajax manager should :), spending roughly 25m on senior players, but also developing players such as Dolberg, Kluivert, Van De Beek, Eiting, De Ligt, Orejuela, Onana, F.De Jong, Neres, Wobler, Ekkelenkamp, Cerny etc.

I have also bought a few youth prospects to develop, my aim is to develop, sell high, buy low and young, develop and repeat, while trying to play skillful and exciting football.

Some results:

2017 season:

View attachment 76441

2018 season so far:

View attachment 76440

Opposition Instructions:

None - all instructions are in roles, do not use any OI or let your assistant manager do so.

Result i have been proud of in the 2018 season so far:

View attachment 76439

View attachment 76436

View attachment 76435

View attachment 76434

View attachment 76433

Download below (let me know how you get on / if you manage to improve it)

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Jan 25, 2010
Good Tactic

Good tactic, well done.
I've made the following changes to mine and it's helped create so many more CCC's. i've added retain possession, higher tempo and work ball into box on the control version.