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Jan 23, 2011
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i was wondering what team i could start with where i could hopfully win a few trophys before going on 2 a big european team. my ideas are someone like ajax, psv,benfica,porto etc any ideas and what kind of players you could attract. wonderkids to make a profit on ? hope this is posted in right thread sorry if it isnt
Shakhtar in Ukraine :)
£30 mil budget and by far the best team in ukraine :)
no team is easy mate...whether your Manchester United, Barcelona or whatever the bigger the team the more the pressure. I would recommend starting small and work your way up start with a team with low expectations and build your reputation up that way. When your reputation is high i feel that big players tend to work harder for you. Putting yourself in a big team and the board will demand results straight may get a good budget but if you don't get the right results you'll be sacked before you know it...start small thats what i say.
Celtic as they will win nearly every game
Big teams in small countries are a good way of doing so. And you are right, Ajax, Benfica, porto and PSV Eindhoven are good teams.

The first thing you'll want to do is scour the transfer and loan list and look for players that can be beneficial. Set up some links with some smaller clubs to benefit from their youth system and loan deadwood players from bigger clubs, eg. Mahamadou Diarra from Real Madrid maybe.

You could also try improving your own training and youth facilities so that, when you become a much larger club, you can benefit from an established youth system and be able to compete with young up-and-coming players. There isn't much need of harbouring off other wonderkids if you have your own crop and your facilities aren't up to scratch.
I did a Napoli team challenging but money is there to spend and you have decent players like Hamsik, Cavani and Lavezzi. Recommend defiantly.
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