Nov 16, 2012
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Alberto Toril is the current manger for Real Madrids reserve team: Real Madrid Castilla, who currently play in Liga Adelante(spanish second tier). It has sometimes been said by people close to the club, that he is the man to be the manager for Real Madrid, taking into account his knowledge of the club from the inside, as well as the very talented players in Real Madrids youth ranks, that have in recent years been largely wasted. Thoes include players like Jese, Alvaro Morata, Nacho, Jose Rodriguez and Dani Carvajal being the prime examples. Jese is widely thought of as one of the biggest talents in Europe, yet still virtually absent in the first team. Morata, voted Man of the Match in the most recent El Clasico is in a similar situation. Nacho and Jose Rodriguez, both with big talent, are not given play time either. Dani Carvajal is also a big example of horrible misuse of talent, as he was sold to Bayer Leverkusen, where he has greatly impressed for the German side this season, while he easily could play the right-back position in Real Madrid, where the club needs backup. Not to mention players like Roberto Soldado and Juan Mata, who both came through Real Madrids youth ranks, but never settled.

But, enough complaining from a Madridista. Here is your challenge:

Take over Castilla in Liga Adelante, and do so well that you eventually get offered the Real Madrid job itself. Remember, you're a reserve team, so don't be surprised if your best players are taken up to the first team when they perform well. On the upside, you might get the brightest young talent the first team gives to you to get experience.


- You're not allowed to change to any other job than Real Madrid
- You cannot apply for the Real Madrid job if it becomes available, you must be offered the role
- If there's media speculation about you joining Real Madrid, or any other club, you must respond with: ''No comment''(or something similar)
- You're not allowed to manage a national side at the same time in order to boost your reputation

Good Luck !