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Jun 15, 2010
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I have decided to fill the void and create a Chairman Game for FM11 which has been attempted unsucessfully in the past by Nick Main.

Basically it is similar to the one which Kris and Jake did for FM10 although until I get more people to help me, I will be limiting the number of spots to 20 only and players will only be able to take control off Premiere League Clubs

So for those of you who have no idea what I am talking about:

In this game, you become the Chairman of a Premiere League Club of your choosing and then you are allowed to sack your manager if they are not doing too well, edit your teams transfer and wage budgets depending on the solution, and as a extra perk you can finally negiotiate a player for the club all which will be edited by myself through FMRTE as run the game.

I will pretty much be adopting a similar format which Kris and Jake had used for their game along with similar rules as they are the most efficient.

Before you Register however, you must have a minimum of 1000 posts and/or be a Premium Member so that I know you will not disappear suddenly and will be committed to the game.

I will provide financial and team reports every 3 months but I will not be providing individual screenshots of players and tactics sorry.

Obviosly you can take a gamble and give your manager huge transfer and wage budgets which may turn into being a huge success story with your manager making all the right signings and brining your club European Glory and more importantly money or may see your club on the brink of disaster and going into administration so this closely resembles a real life Chairman in the sense that all you can do is appoint a sutable man for the job and manage your finances hilst being unable to influence transfers or tactics


1. When and if you want to edit your team's budget or sack your manager please send a PM to me and I will handle it myself

2. When appointing a new manager, you must make sure your club is of a particular standard before you hire the manager,
meaning if you are Portsmouth you cant go trying to get Jose Mourinho

A very efficient system used by Jake and Kris was:

We take the Reputation of your club (max 10000) and multiply it by 0.2 to give us 200 which is the maximum reputation a manager can achieve

Example: Club X has a reputaion of 8700 (max 10000), so we multiply that by 0.02 which gives us 174 (max 200) so your club can attract any manager of rep 174 or less

And I will use this system

4. If you are trying to attract a manager who is already attacked to a club, you must offer him a greater contract length and higher weekly wage than he is currently on but be wary of your club balance before offering him 500k a week ;)

5. If you want to attract a manager from another Premiere League Club, you must deal directly with the opposing Chairman and work out a deal before PMing me. So you must negiotiate the amount of compensation you have to pay etc.

6. When sacking a manager you must pay a contract settlement, This will be what remains on his contract. eg Dunc sacks Roberto Mancini, He earns 2m a year and is on a four year contract. Dunc would have to pay Mancini 8m to pay him off.

7. You edit your team's wage and transfer budget, so you must carefully monitor your balance before PMing me with your desired transfer and wage budget before the start of transfer windows, offer too much and your club may go into administration

8. If you want to sign a manager who is a free agent you will have to sign him on a contract length and wage which I will decided by seeing how much the manager wants when I try to sign him with a club in my save or else we will see everyone offering managers like Alan Shearer 1k a week

Teams Taken

Manchester United - JK*

Arsenal- l3east

Everton- mrjack41

Manchester City- Shay Given

Chelsea- Arsenal_James1997

Liverpool- CalumE5

Tottenham- CTPauley

West Brom- Ronan

Wigan- Ravenie

Birmingham- Mally

Wolves- tiraths

Blackpool- The Shots
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could you have the rules on the post as it won't let me view the word document
Can I join man utd please.
Ok guys as of now I have decided to change the minimum post requirement to 1000 so the people who have signed up before this and have lower posts getto stay dont worry but no more afterthis post
Can i have Newcastle?:)
edit- not made 1000 posts

sorry mate but I changed the rules last minute

Lol im mrjack41 not mreverton41 Alcaraz :p

sorry got mixed up between u and another member :)

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Ok guys I will be inviting selected members tommorow to join ad I will b off now so dont worry if u sign up and dont see ur name being confirmed, ill do it tommorow
I'd like to join as Liverpool if possible, not got 1000 posts but am premium, is that allowed? (A)
you realise you needed to make it so that people were given a club randomly.

No one will want to join after all the big clubs are gone.
you realise you needed to make it so that people were given a club randomly.

No one will want to join after all the big clubs are gone.

nah some people have fun being the chairman of lower league clubs more of a challenge to manage ur finances and stuff