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Alcohol, drugs, jail and glory - A Gazza adventure

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Dec 31, 2010
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Chapter One - The first mistake

For f**k sake. Look at the news, all about me, Gazza arrested for stabbing ! Gascgoine gone loopy! Eh ? For once i was innocent, for once i did nothing wrong, i know i have been in the wrong before but i didn't do it! I swear!


It was boxing day 2010, i had been out with the lads had a few beers, had a chat, same old really. On the way home i decided to take a short cut down the ally way a few roads down from my house when a druggy jumped me i struggled to get him off as i was in no fit state to fight back and then i suddenly heard him scream in pain, he fell to the floor clutching his stomach, my mate James was no where to be seen so i carried on home, when i got in i noticed blood on my shirt, where could that of come from ? ****. I stabbed him, but with what ? I... I wouldn't do such a thing, would i ? I don't know. I was looking into getting back into football again, no chance now. I rang James, ' Alright mate' i said, 'Alright'. ' Where did you go when i got mugged ?' ' I wasn't with you mate, i went home with them' ' Oh alright then, see ya pal' ' bye' . He was next to me i swear he was. Dear i go back and take the guy to the hospital, too late someone had grassed me up and i was on my way to prison.

I sat in my cell with nothing, i should be laid in my bed asleep but no, all i have now is a mattress like straw and some ******* porridge. I will be in here for the next 30 or so years now thanks to the idiot who stabbed him. I got took to questioning, i had to keep my cool.

Police : Why did you stab him ?

Gazza : It wasn't me.

Police : Lies, all lies.

Gazza : I will tell you again, it wasn't me.

Police : What makes you so sure Paul ? You were there. You saw what happened didn't you ?

Gazza : I got jumped in the ally way and i was drunk so i can't remember much more but i was struggling with him and then the next thing he is rolling on the floor with pain. I was sure my mate James was there but he says he wasn't

Police : James who ?

Gazza : Morgan, James Morgan, lives at 75 Dugley avenue

Police : Okay, did you take any illegal substances whilst out in town ?

Gazza : No. I haven't touched that horrible stuff in years.

Police : I have a feeling you are a liar, now tell us the truth *Shouts*

Gazza : I F*****g am alright, as a matter of a fact there is a CCTV camera on that exact ally way check it out, i'm innocent.

To be continued ....

Okay, this is my first attempt at a story like this so some help would be appreciated :D

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