I think he's asking, "What do you think about this player"
thinking to buy it in the arsenal, what do you think?
I am a season ticket holder at Southampton, and he is our starting MR now. If you ever saw him in real-life, you would almost certainly believe that he will be a lot better than young Mr.Walcott (Who incedentaly is another of our youths, along with young Mr.Bale too!) However, Chamberlain will be the best player that our academy has ever produced. He will be an England regular too pretty soon. And to top it all off, we have had scouts from Liverpool and Arsenal down the St Mary's, only for our Chairman to say, "He is not going anywhere, any time soon. We have spoken to him and his family and this is the club that he wants to be at". So hands off, Mr.Wenger!! :D
Looks alright IRL, although not so good in FM2011. I think he becomes a decent/good premier league player.
looks good in real life dunno if better than walcott