Alex Inglethorpe - One Shot, One Opportunity!


Jul 21, 2012
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Brendan Rodgers set for years absence

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Liverpool fans will be greeted with some disturbing news when they wake up this-morning after serious personal problems have made current manager Brendan Rodgers unable to continue his job until the problems clear up. It is thought that the new inter rim manager for the year will be someone already at the club. Liverpool released the following statement on the clubs website following the news.

Liverpool Football Club said:
We are sorry to announce that current manager Brendan Rodgers will be unable to be in control of Liverpool Football Club until all problems are dealt with. We have promoted under 21's manager Alex Inglethorpe to take the managerial spot until further notice. Alex will be in charge from today.

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I will be taking the role of Alex Inglethorpe who is the current Under 21's manager at Liverpool for this story, And considering he is the Under 21's manager I have set a few ground rules for my-self. I plan to merge in as many youngsters as I can and will aim to have an average age squad of around 23, And I can only sign under 21 year old's. This will not only make it more interesting for my-self, But hopefully for you guys to!​

Pre Season Update

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Gornik Zabrze 0 - 2 Liverpool

Scorers: Jamie Carragher, Coutinho

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Wisla 2 - 5 Liverpool

Scorers: Steven Gerrard(3), Fabio Borini(2)

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Podbeskidzie 0 - 0 Liverpool

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Didn't bring anyone in as of yet due to not much funds even after selling Glen and Stewie. The twenty two million offer was just too good to turn down, Considering I have a few youngsters who can take the role until a replacement comes in. Stewie was costing the club an absolutely ridiculous three hundred thousand pounds a game and that's just stupid, So needed him off the wage bill and besides, There's plenty more players who can replace him. Only got around 15 million budget after the sale of these two due to having only a 60% transfer revenue available and fee owed to clubs. Sent Wisdom, Yesil and Flanagan on loan for a bit with the recall option just in case, Needed some experience on them before next season.
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