Alexey Rudenok - AMC / ST BATE


Apr 24, 2010
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Name: Alexey Rudenok
Club: Bate
D.O.B: 25/02/1993
Nationality: Belarus
Position: AMC / ST
Agent: Berndt Stange

I tried to search if there was a thread on this guy and found none.

Has anyone bought him before? My scouts just found him on my Arsenal save and i thought he could make a nice poacher. Cant post screenies cos im on work, but hopefully someone will.
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Porto signed him for 500k after first season, but I think you can get him for around 200k.
He's turned out brilliantly on your save Paetoja, wonderkid!
hes enjoying an incredible start in my game
i play him as an advance forward on the right , with wide play cut inside and hes killing so far
nice find. i would consider getting him in my Sevilla FC save which im still managing ;)
I normally get him for about £60k in the first season. Brilliant player for lower prem/high championship IMO.
Very good player, played for me (Arsenal) for a few seasons and scored a lot. Soon, he was sold to Bayern for like £35million.
I just bought him for my Leeds side in my first season for around 200K but he is only 17 years old. Should I place him in the U18 or directly in my main line-up?
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Here he is on my 2012 save, doing very well for me so far and still has more time to develop. I rotate him with Diego Costa/Aguero and Muniain. I reckon next season he may be a first team regular.
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