Dec 30, 2010
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tou no vitoria de guimaraes , preciso de bons jogadores a titulo definito ou por emprestimo, se possivel novos.quero ficar nos 3 primeiros na primeira epoca
speak english mate. yes there are a couple of portuguese lads here, but PLEASE... Speak ENGLISH.
Jay demerit - Centre-back
Guillermo Franco - Striker
Andre Santos - DMC (try loan)
Van der Meyde - AMR (extremo direito)
tens que falar em ingles.. :D
What he said :p

My knowledge of Guimarães isn't the best so I'll tell you what I did for Académica...

GK - You've got Nilsson, so that should be fine. If you need a reserve, Nicolás Cambiasso was decent and very cheap on my Académica save
LB - Bruno Basto if you're just looking for cheap, free cover. Emil Johansson is easily one of the best players I signed, completely owns the position. Weirdly enough, with top clubs interested in him, nobody beat the 3M clause yet after 3 seasons...
RB - Dennis Appiah turns quality, and could sign him cheap on the second season. Paulo César is a free agent and can cover any wing positions.
CB - Jorge Gonçalves, Anderson, free, quality.
RM - Chuklei should provide good backup for Targino
LM - Hélder Barbosa, Diogo Viana
CM - Nashat Akram, Rinaldo, Castro (FCP) - All top quality midfielders. You could try to get Castro on loan and buy him on the 2nd season. Rinaldo comes for free in January, and Akram is already a free agent at the start.
ST - Gino Clara as a poacher, Eneramo as an Advanced forward. Carlão (Leiria) is also a great option.

Best of luck, only managed to get 4th with Académica on the first season, but it was a close race :p