Almost an entirely new Everton squad


Jul 27, 2009
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Sold a bunch of players for 95m and bought a lot for 65m. Mainly invested in young talent and don't intend to make more than 1-2 changes every summer from now on. Doria will come in January and therefore he isn't on the screen. What do you think?

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I wouldn't have sold Baines or Fellaini, but I suppose you had to in order to fund your purchases.

You do have some great talents here though. Will Hughes and Yassine Benzia can be immense with the proper guidance. I picked up Benzia on a free transfer in 2015 and sold him for £25m a year later to Arsenal, and he's currently my lone striker in my France setup.

Doria is quality and also a bargain, just be sure to give him enough playing time - I didn't, and ended up selling him for £12m after he stagnated.

Yttergård Jenssen can be a quality playmaker, and Strandberg has evolved into a very good defender in my save (2016).

But I'm not too sure about Vorsah, Romero and Shaw. The latter may be a big talent IRL, but on my save he has mostly been loaned out and never really developed into anything. Same with Stengel really.

In any case you probably have to expect inconsistency the first season, and perhaps you'll struggle to make the squad blend. I still think you should have kept Baines another year, and perhaps also Jagielka to provide some defensive stability. You'd still have £5m to spare.
I didn't get 100% of the sold players price so i spent all of my budget. About keeping Fellaini and Baines, the reason i wanted to make an Everton save was that I knew I could get a lot of money for those two and I wanted to make almost a new squad, so keeping them was never an option.

Thought it couldn't hurt picking up Stengel, considering he only cost me 35k. I know my first season won't be great, but I'm thinking about the future.

Thanks for your post bro.
That team could be a real force down the line, like said above though inconsistency could be a problem but if you keep the squad together this could be a special team
Having a bit of ups and downs in the attack, all my strikers are so inexperienced! Kadlec, Benzia and Bennett.

Have Anichebe though, anyone that recommends using him? I'm not so excited about him.
Looking good so far, would recommend victor wanyama, ive picked him up for 8.25 mill start of most seasons and sold him on for at least double a few years down the line, plus he his just a beast anchor man! Like your team tho.
Don't mean to dampen the thread but why do this with Everton? They have a solid base of players not too far away from being genuine title contenders on FM. In my opinion, you've gone two steps back to take one forward. Nice team for the future though!
Why in the name of Lord would you sell tour best players?! :O Yttegart Jenssen looks fantastic, I”ve tried him with 3 different teams in FM2012, including Spurs, but if I do remember right, he is a little short on long shots, and that was always an issue.
Playing with Rosenborg now, in 2016 and Dockal and Sandberg could both make it in the EPL. Jonas Svensson also (although I had to sell him in 2015)
Yeah I know it wasn't a smart thing to do if I wanted to do this save ordinary and focus on the success. But in this save I wanted to turn the squad around and sign a lot of cheap young players, give them super first team experience and see how the team developes! Another goal that I set myself is to sell for more than I buy for.