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Feb 2, 2011
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When you start a season and your club has already bought a players who is joining you in January (or the summer). Do you still need to pay for him?

For example
if there is a new patch
and you are Chelsea

do you have to pay the +60 mil for Torres in January when he arrives? Or will this be already fixed ...

Thanks in advance
He won't arrive in January on the new patch. He will be in your squad from the start of the season. You won't have to pay for him but thats not to say that your budget will be the same, you will more than likely be offered a greatly reduced budget.
Already be done mate, so when the new patch comes out you can start a season with Chelsea and from the point that you start, you'll have Torres
you wont have to pay for it as it has gone through already... all arranged transfers are paid for upfront (or over time etc) but the developers will add this into the financing part of the game...

there will be instances that you will need to fork out 500k for player X reaching 50 league appearences etc... this can be found in the finance section :p

the money and deal went through now and the finances will be adjusted so you wont pay a cent for it...
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