Already need a break from FM24


Dec 18, 2023
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In the days following the full release i started my usual start unemployed work my way up save, in save 1 in 5 games we conceded 5 penalties so i thought must just be bugged so started a new new save just incase. Nope same issue every(other) match has a pen either for or against me, even disregarding that my team where playing well and i could see the shapes i wanted in my tactic and we where about 7 games unbeated (3 wins, 4 draws) and go to play bottom of the league who had maybe 1 point, im thinking these games always end up rough. didnt expect 4-0 down at half time rough, everyone below a 6.4 so i think surely this is the time a throw the bottle works......NOPE all get sad and take another goal before we get 2 back and then MISS 2 pens. Give our 5.6 Goalkeeper a react to last game. He thinks he was the best player on the pitch and the team goes from green atmosphere to deep red from one loss. Sigh Speed Test .
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