Alrighty! so... who's bored?

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May 17, 2010
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I truly wish I had the skills and patience to do kits myself. It would certainly have been better for my old laptop, thats for sure. So herein I have a massive request for kits. I certainly don't expect any one individual to do these, but hey, if you like a challenge...

Your work will certainly not go unappreciated as I will rename any stadium for any team of your choice after YOU! AWESOME?? not really, but hey, what else can I offer other than kudos and appreciation. If i just list colours below, go crazy with the design.

so here goes.... Club(ID), Sponsor, Maker, Colours

Parma home, Parmalat, Nike, yellow+blue hoops
Parma away, Parmalat, Nike, white w/Navy cross

Naxxar L. (1244) home, astral (, Nike, white w/red
Naxxar L. (1244) away, astral, Nike, Red w/white+gold

Dinamo Moscow home, Lada, Puma, white w/logo blue
Dinamo Moscow away, Lada, Puma, Black w/white

Besiktas home, turk telekom, Adidas, Black w/white
Besiktas away, turk telekom, Adidas, go nuts!

Thiene (2230) home, jobs77 silver logo(, crimson w/silver
Thiene (2230) away, jobs77, logo blue

Thanks for taking up the challenge lads (and lasses)

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wicked, thanks man.

Stade de SlipkFace >> new home of Paris-SG ;)
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