Always look at KRC Genk's youth intake


Dec 8, 2023
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It's just absurd how consistent their youth intake is, let me explain.

Belgium has one of the best youth ratings in FM, but only 2 teams have 18+ youth recruitment, which are Genk and Anderlecht. So only those 2 teams compete for the best Belgian youths, I don't know why but Genk just always has the edge over Anderlecht in youth intakes, perhaps it's reputation. So many of Belgian's best players come from Genk's youth intake in my save, every year they have a player with 160+ PA and about every 2-3 years they have a player with 180+PA in my saves.
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I'm now playing Atlético in a semi journey man save and I have 3 belgians in my team, all 3 of them are from Genk, a world class keeper, a world class full back and a world class DM. Arsenal has a world class defender who's also from Genk, it's just insanity. Now it's youth intake day and they produced a 186PA winger with 19 determination and a driven personality.
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