Nov 24, 2010
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I'm playing with Chelsea, in my 3rd season now and all along the way I've been told by my coaches that we struggle against 4-4-2 formations. I have played 4-4-2, and other formations to combat this. I've played with several new and different players. I have changed my formation during matches to other formations that we have practiced during match prep, but still we seem to struggle against 4-4-2.

Is this just something that everyone gets?
Every team 'struggles' against some formations. I always get 'too complacent against lower teams' when I'm stuffing them every week, so most if this is **** and I wouldn't worry too much about it, unless you really are struggling against 4-4-2.
The easiest way to combat a formation that troubles you is to play the exact same formation yourself. That way everything should cancel out, and the results should be based no who has the better players, and is the better team on the day.

But usually formations have formations that they are 'weaker' against. A 4-5-1 is gernally rather effective against a standard 4-4-2 since the 4-5-1 can generally control the midfield with the extra man.