Also, the coaches you do have are terrible. Get coaches that will give a 4 star MINIMUM rating for their category, and don't have any coach taking more than 1 category! :D
Set the individual training! Don't select the training based on the players role though, decide which attributes you want to focus on first, then select whichever training focus role covers the most of these attributes!

P.S. sorry for multiple posting, but there are a lot of screenshots and I am looking at each one one-at-a-time!
Not too sure on your tactics (Dembele as a BWM?!) but if it's working so far then fair enough. I could see it starting to fail though! :D
put sandro as your bwm
im not sure what role dembele is best suited. heard its cm-attack
i'd play either a 4-5-1 or a 4-2-3-1 mate
bale was a monster for me as an aml in one of my saves when i bought him
I play with Spurs how ever im 4 seasons in when I got the job. I play with Sandro at BWM and he is an animal, Demeble will drop there if the game is won and I want to bring Isco or Maher on(Thats if Demble starts). I play a DLF and a Poacher up front with is proving well. Andre scored 10 goals in 11 games. 2 important Hat Tricks as well