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I have had huge success with this tactic playing with Spurs, Valencia and Man Utd.
I had success in the Premier League and Europa League with Man United.Currently playing with Valencia and Spurs

Tactic Name: Winner
Tactic Formation: 4 2 3 1 Wide
Screenshot of Tactic:

View attachment 1095839

Tactical Information: Need quick players upfront. Avg of 58% possession and 25 shots a game
Opposition Instructions: Leave to the tactical coach
Training: Depends on your preference, for me on General training I have noticed tactical coaching improves mentals and ball control improve technical abilities of players, Match preparation I kept at teamwork, playing bigger teams used def positioning. If you have 2 games a week put training on low and rest days before and after the match to prevent injuriesView attachment 1095840
Further Comments + Extra Screenshots:Beginning of the season put match training as high as possible to get the players accustomed to the tactics and load this onto all 3 tactic slots.
Player & Team Instructions included in the tactic attached
Coaches: Below are the coaches I used which are pretty much the best in the league, evident below
View attachment 1095841

Table & Results: Won the Prem League and Europa LeagueView attachment 1095842View attachment 1095843View attachment 1095844

Enjoy as I have. Opinions and questions are welcome.

How did you get Renato Sanches so quick? like he would leave Bayern
I readed whole discussion here and I see that this tactic should work. I play online game with my friend and I really struggle with Arsenal in premier league. My friend is Tottenham manager and he and Man utd completely terrorizing the premier league. I have big problems with constancy, defensive instability and all my strikers struggles a lot. I tried 5 different tactics and none of them worked as good as I wanted. I tried 4-2-3-1 (3 versions), 5(WB)-2-1-2, 5(WB)1(DM)-2-2 and none of them really worked 100%. I play Football Manager since 2005 and I never struggled like I struggle this year. At the moment I don't know what try anymore. So I decided that I will try your tactic because I see that it works for all of you.

Just one question. At the picture(tactic screen Man utd) I can see FBs(att), CDs(BPD),CM(BWM(su)),CM(DLP(su)),
W(IF(su)), AM(AP(at)), ATT(CF(at)). When I downloaded the tactic and imported into game there are different players roles. I wanna know which roles are correct.

The one on the screen my save game is exactly as it shows

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Hi, I like the look of your tactic. Im about to start 2nd season with spurs and after storming the league 1st season with a 433 wide I want a 4231. I was wondering if you use specific PI's on the roles as im playing FMT on tablet.

Cheers mate
This tactic is not good. Only works with title contenders. Being second with Dortmund isn't an achievement. Using it with mid-table team is a nightmare.
player instructions

i was wondering if you could post a screenshot of the player instructions since i'm trying t use the tact on fm 16. would be much appreciated
Caant find instructions

Can you please send the instructions as a screenshot, I cant download the file.
Thank you
Hello Mate, don’t know if you still play fm 17 or if you still have the tactics. I just want to know which 4-3-3 tactic you used to ‘storm’ the league. Could you direct me with a link? Or better yet screen shots of formation and Team instructions?