Jan 24, 2011
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Hi everyone

Just a note - i am currently in my 5th season at PSG - i have managed to build a great squad mainly around my youth set up. I won all 3 domestic trophy's last season and lost to AC Milan in the Champions league final. The youngsters that french clubs produce in later year is immense - i would recommend that when u do a game, have the french ligue 1 open too to get access to these top quality players. Hope that helps.
Could you tell us the list of the players and there value
i am currently in work and will have to wait till i get home - but what i do is when i get a message saying intake of youth players - i wait about a week and then i go to the player search and set person age to at most 16 and then i scout all the most expensive youngsters. If they have potential to be leading player or the have more than 3 stars potential i sign them. Virtually all of them are french from teams like lille, le mons but there are a couple of italians from Fiorentina.

Obviously the players i have might not be the same on yours as their regans their names change. but it is worth a look
yeah the psg youth team have many world class youngster,all the reports say they will be leading star
You've probably got so many French one's because that was the only league you loaded ?