AMC - Left foot/Right foot ideals ?


Jul 4, 2010
I play with a Narrow 4231 using 3 AMCs behind the striker.

Should I be playing 'Left Only' AMCs on the right side (technically they are all in the middle but you know what I mean),and the Right for players on the left?

I notice the in-game advice that this is best done for strikers, but should I also apply this to my AMCs who do tend to do a lot of the shooting?

I have a star player (AMC) who is 'Right Only' and he's past the age where I can train him to avoid left foot or develop it. Is it ideal for him to play on the right side of the three or the left? And which AMC roles will have him shooting more between AttMid-Att, AdvPkr-Supp & SS-Att ?

Thanks :)