Apr 8, 2013
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I am a newcomer to Football Manager. I bought this year's edition and decided to take the role of manager at my favourite club Chelsea. This should be one interesting journey.

The Setup

I have set up the career so it includes the following countries:

I am running a large database size so it will play at 3 star game speed. **** yeah! That's approximately 37000 players. The journey will commence in July 2012.
The Club

[h=2]The Club[/h]
Chelsea FC are one of the world's biggest football clubs. They were formed in 1905 and traditionally have a blue home kit. They are currently owned by the "Sugar Daddy" Roman Abramovich. Chelsea are based at the 41798 seater Stamford Bridge. They have an alleged value of around £761m.

Time for me to get involved!​
Chapter 1- My First Day

I have arrived at Chelsea. The first thing i noticed was my first six fixtures.
Athletico Madrid
Manchester City

The most notable of these fixtures is the last one, the Community Shield. It do not matter so much to me but it would help my relationship with the squad. As some of you may know, an unknown manager does not go down very well.

The Budget:
I have approximately £30 million to bring in some players and £2.31 million for wages. My targets go by the name of Radamel Falcao and Victor Wanyama. Hopefully I can bring them into the club as they are top players. I also look to bolster the defence as this is Chelsea's weakness.

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Chapter 2-Who is going to leave?

Today, whilst browsing through my squad, I realised some decisions had to be made regarding a certain Fernando Torres and Frank Lampard. Firstly, let me start with Torres. We all know he has been struggling in recent times in reality and it would appear to be the same in this years FM. In order to capture other targets, Torres must go. He will get us a little bit of cash (£10 million-ish). Also, we won't need to cater to his £175k a week wages.
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Now onto the next issue, Frank Lampard. Should I renew his contract or not. He has consistently been a top player for Chelsea, but is it worth renewing his £140k a week contract? I think the main influence in this decision is how he performs in pre-season and then I will decide, but for now I will start building up the squad.

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Chapter 3-What a pre-season!

After deciding the fate of Torres (he will STAY) and attempting to sort out Lampard's contract (didn't end well), I eventually went into my first game. I have to say it was a touch disappointing after all the hype, but I suppose a draw is better than a loss. It ended 0-0 with Peterborough, however the next game was against Modena and we controlled that match. It ended 2-0 with Juan Mata and Fernando Torres getting on the scoresheet. The next game against Verona was a tad controversial but in the end we won 2-1 with Torres and Terry scoring, the downside being we lost Moses to a rash red card and they scored late on.

At this point I has started negotiations with Athletico Madrid over Radamel Falcao and managed to bag him with a sensational record-breaking fee of £65 million (£30 million straight payment plus extras). That was a rather large ordeal to say the least.

The next game coincidentally came against Athletico Madrid. Without Falcao they were powerless and I strolled to a 1-0 victory. However Falcao was not the one to put the 'onion in the onion bag' and Demba Ba stepped up to the plate and scored.

Our next game was the biggest challenge so far, the Community Shield against City. Mancini was trying to play some mind games saying he was my 'friend' but I put an end to that story aswell as putting an end to Manchester City's cup hopes. I dominated and won 3-1 with the goals coming from Moses, Falcao and Hazard.
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