An Idea. - What do you think?


Dec 12, 2010
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I do not have the patience nor the time to be able to host this, sorry if this has already been done before.

The Idea:

There is a weekly challenge that the host decides upon, whether it be an easy challenge like winning the Premier League with Manchester City or trying to get Dnipro into the Champions League for instance, (Specifics can be included, E.g What leagues to load). Depending on the challenge, points will be awarded for certain achievements, E.g: Winning the League, Winning the FA cup, Top Goalscorer of the Year. Etc. Once the week has surpassed, the competitors will then post screen shots of their achievements and points will be awarded if achieved correctly. A leader board is created and you will work out the "Best Manager" on the forum.
Obviously the Challenge will have to be a season long as for most 1 week is just enough to complete one season.

Open to positive and negative comments. Ideas are more than welcome.

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Any feedback?
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it takes me like 3 weeks to complete half a season 'cos i am a slow and careful player ;)