Feb 12, 2013
Reaction score
So I have just played my first game at home as favourites and lost 1 - 0.. It's time to look at what happened and see if I can isolate some issues with my tactics and make adjustments where necessary..

How do I go about analysing post game stats? How do you start pin pointing where things went wrong?
So I noticed that my star midfielder was squashed out of the game and had a low percentage pass completion. So for the next game I tried to free up some space around him and gave him a roaming role and it seemed to work. I also played with an extra striker which seemed to take the attention away from him.

He scored a goal and tightened up his pass completion rate.

What other aspects of stats help in analysing the outcome of a game?
With only a few games, it is a bit tricky. My main focus for analysis is in the trends. In this game, guys can go into funks. Sometimes, a shake-up in the starting line-up fixes it but you never know. Also, newer guys tend to take awhile to get it going. The game is big on chemistry. Bring in a new strong striker, and they go dry for a number of games before catching fire.

Another thing I look at is who is shooting and how accurate they seem to be. Tends to match their composure and creativity. If you really like the player but they are Mr. Miss-a-lot, then I try and change up their role a little to make sure they aren't ruining all of the good chances.

For your defenders, the stats can look decent but do not reflect the fact that pacey forwards fried them during the game. Only your eyes can see that. Just make sure you don't leave two slow dudes out there at the same time unless you drop your d-line way back. Even then, the slow guys can get cooked.

So much more to bring up, but I'll let others who know way more than me do that.
Takedalegout - can you give me an example of how you would change up the strikers role if he is ruining chances?
Takedalegout - can you give me an example of how you would change up the strikers role if he is ruining chances?

Well, if strikers are ruining chances and they seem to have good attributes, it could be a funk. I am talking more about wingers or mids who keep taking shots when they aren't any good at it. You can go in and adjust their mentality to make sure they don't shoot or shoot rarely.