Ancelotti kicked out of Stamford Bridge seat...


Dec 7, 2008
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by an old woman.

YouTube - woman tells Carlo Ancelotti your in my seat, 3rd eye Soccer A.M

Here's a great Third Eye clip from Soccer AM -- Carlo Ancelotti was in attendance at Stamford Bridge for the Chelsea U-18 team's FA Youth Cup match against Arsenal when he found out that being Carlo Ancelotti does not trump the writing on an old woman's ticket.

The clip begins with Carlo sitting in the stands and looking cold, yet with his magic eyebrow defenses at full mast, watching the woman approach him. She shows him the ticket, which states that he is squatting on her turf. He gives her a bit more of the eyebrow, but its charms are apparently useless against women of a certain age. Nevermind the fact that there are empty seats everywhere (attendance was 7,000 for the 2-1 Chelsea win), nevermind that he's the manager of the first team, nevermind that he's arching that eyebrow, that is her seat and she is not going to let this Italian fella have it.

So, Carlo politely moves and the clip ends with him looking for another seat among the thousands of empties, now nervous that another old woman will come along and kick him out of whichever one he chooses. And that is the life of a Premier League manager.
I watched that yesterday, i don't even think that woman knew who he was XD
Carlo should have been like I'll give you 10 grand if you let me sit this seat so nobody will laugh at him.
Saw on Soccer AM. That woman is a true life legend haha!
Looked at the thread title and thought Ancelotti had been sacked or something.. But that video is amazing XD
lol I doubt the woman even knew who he was, I'd like to see her doing that to Mourinho
Lol, don't be stupid what I said is more likely

why would he be sacked after he just won the last game against Blackburn and Chelsea are slowly coming out of their bad run of form, if he was to be sacked tbh he would have gotten it last month where we just could not win
Please don't turn this thread into a serious discussion.
I'm annoyed carlo didn't have to pay for his own ticket lol. Great bid and I'm sure he laughed it up, he is a genuine nice man. I would rather the match hi-lights be up on here also lol.