And The Global Free Agent Challenge Returnsssss


Apr 30, 2012
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The Global Free Agent Challenge

The Global Free agent challenge is a database where all the players from the top flight teams are free-agents, this means you can take a average to low premier side, make some signings, and end up winning the prem. You can even get Messi, just paying his wage of 200k per week.

I will load up England (Prem and Championship), Spain (BBVA), Germany (Bundesliga), France (League 1) and maybe Holland (Erdevisie??) and pick whatever team I want. Post players who u want to see in the squad, but ultimately it is my decision

P.S. My Shakhtar story will continue it's just that it gets a bit boring playing the same save every hour just gonna rotate a bit, maybe 1 update a day for each...

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Liverpool F.C

Trophy Count
Champions League (5)
Euro Cup (3)
Euro Super Cup (3)
Premier Division (18)
F.A Cup (7)
Capital One Cup (8)
Community Shield (13)

Founded - 1892
Stadium - Anfeild

Stadium Capacity - 45,276
Training Ground - Melwood
Top Training Facilities
Good Youth Facilities

I have decided to go for my beloved Liverpool and hopefully regain the Premier League, breaking the Manchester Hold.

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I am using the beautiful 3-6-1 i discovered in the tactics forum, it's working great for my Shakhtar team and i am hopefully going to emulate it.

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Youth Manager Named Manager at Liverpool

Liverpools Youth Manager Tom Barnes, was announced the Liverpool Manager earlier today following Brendan Rodgers departure It is till unknown why or where Rodgers has gone but we'll hopefully hear something soon. Fans a skeptical over Chairmen Thomas Werner's decision considering there are better and more experienced managers out there. It will be interesting to see how Barnes copes under the heat and pressure from the fans, and how he develops as Manager
Welsh Duo Sign at Liverpool
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Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey as quickly as i could as i knew interest would rise quick and i really wanted to sign them, Bale anyway. Bale will be paying the Left-wing role, where-as Ramsey will be playing on the bench but will be playing every-other game to help him develop

any youth players with potential suggestions would be appreciated, also a sub keeper, young with potential
Tom Ince, John Stones, Nathan Redmond, Jamal Lacascelles (sp) and Butland for a Keeper. All English and with really good potential.
Bakic, Parigini, Aramu, Bianchi as a poacher is worth his weight in gold

I'd go with Areola or Butland, either or.
Closing this down, it's too difficult to do 2 saves at once and do the updates, sorry, no more posts