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May 24, 2013
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Anderlecht Ambition


Hi everyone, I have read many stories recently which has given me the motivation to start my own story once again. Last year I attempted a very similar save under the username WheresMySheepskinCoat, however due to the add and remove league function slowing the speed of the game it became tiresome. I’m back to attempt it again.

Short term aim:

Win the League

Long term aims:

Win the Champions League.
Produce World-Class players, via the clubs academy and Scouting Network.
Take control of Belgium and win the World cup.
Increase Anderlecht’s reputation to one of the best in the world.
Become one of the richest clubs in the world.
Hopefully see the Belgium league's standing in European football increase, however I understand this is not something that I can solely effect as I’m only one club.

Anderlecht's Background:

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Remember your story last year with them which was awesome, will follow this one again :)
Good luck :) Short term goal should be relatively easy, Anderlecht biggest in Belgium as it is?

Plans to expand stadium approved
No transfers on or out
Super-Cup win ensures we get off to a winning start

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Friendly results were disapointing. I put this mainly down to the fact that my assistant was left in control of these matches as I already knew most of Anderlechts team. The Super-cup win was pleasing and although the result suggests otherwise it wasn't a close game.

Star Players:

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Anderlecht posses probably the best team in the league and therefore these players could be consider the best in the league, especially Lucas Biglia who is constantly linked with bigger leagues.


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These are new tactics I specifically designed for this story and therefore at this present moment in time I'm unsure how succesful they'll be. The 4-4-2 is a more attacking tactic which I'll use in the league where as the 4-5-1 will be used in the Champions League.


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Anderlecht posses top class facilities and therefore I'll aim to nuture young talent. I was able to increase Junior Coaching to an excellent standard aswell as expanding the stadium to 31,400 which will hopefully slightly increase our revenue.
Thanks sam. Yeah they're the biggest team, there are a few other teams that can provide competition though. This story is mainly about making Anderlecht one of the biggest teams in the world primarily from using players from their own youth system, i think that it's a challenge but nuturing youth is one of the parts of the game I really enjoy.

I've tried to update this page with my pre-season post but I'm having problems at the moment. If the problems posting continues by tomorow evening i'll contact the moderators, however I think it may be due to me using a new account.
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Inconsistant performances in league and cup.
Champions League Group stage is drawn.

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Although performances haven't been of a high standard this month we have remained unbeaten. We qualified with ease into the Champions league group stage. The two draws in the league were extremely disapointing and therefore in the coming weeks I'll look to tweek my tactics to ensure we offer more of an attacking threat as I believe we've been solid at the back so far.

Champions League draw:

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The draw has kind to us and I hope this we'll give us a platform to get out of this group and into the knockout rounds.

League Table:

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Thankfully our rivals have also slipped up this month and therefore we're not too far off the top of the table.

Player of the Month
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Guillaume Gillet
Three goals and two assists is a fantastic return from the right midfielder.

Lucas Biglia leaves for a fee of £7mil to Benfica.
It takes a penalty shoot-cup to beat second tier Westerlo in the Cup.
Anderlecht comeback from 2-0 down to draw against Standard.

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Another unbeaten month has seen us progress well in the Belgian cup whilst also keep pressure on table toppers Kortrijk. Our performance against Westerlo and Standard were disapointing especially considering both games were at home. We found ourselves 2-0 down at half-time to Standard however three subs and a more attacking approach enabled us to comeback into the game and remain unbeaten.

On transfer deadline day the club recieved a £7 million offer from Benfica for Lucas Biglia. It was not till this moment I realised that he had a release clause in his contract. Despite me trying to offer a new deal he still went to Benfica which is a huge loss as not only was he our captin but also the best player at the club.

Champions League:

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Our win away to Olympiakos has put us in firm control of second place. As long as we don't slip up against Dinamo I would now expect us to qualify.

League Table:

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Our performance in league has ensured we remain in contention. Standard seem to be struggling and we have amassed twice the amount of points they have, which is surprising considering we've only played 8 games.

Player of the Month
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Dieumerci Mbokani

Despite Tom de Sutter scoring more Mbokani's all-round game has made him stand out. Not only has he scored many goals for the club but he's also provided many assists.



Anderlecht board agree to improve training and youth facilities.
Unbeaten hopes are ended.
More hope in the Champions League.

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Our unbeaten run didn't last long. The aim every season is to try and finish the domestic season unbeaten. I don't expect this for a number of years as I will be changing the team dramatically, I expect these changes to impact the team on the short-term however in the long-term we'll benefit due to these changes. I believed we played well against Barcelona and managed to keep them out untill we conceded a penalty midway through the second half, from that point we had to go on the offensive to look for an equaliser but instead we were caught on the break. League performances have improved and despite losing to our rivals Club Brugge we threatened their goal on numerous of occasions.

Champions League:

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A shock win for Dinamo against Olympiakos has put me firmly in control for second place. I face both Dinamo and Olympiakos at home so hopefully the knockout beckons.

League Table:

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We're finally top of the league! Hopefully now we can push-on and increase the lead. Surprisingly Standard only picked up two points this month and therefore qualifying for Europe looks a long way off them this year.

Player of the Month
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Bram Nuytinck
Although we only kept one clean sheet this month Nuytinck's performances have been of a high level and if he wasn't there it is likely that we would have conceded alot more.
Looking good for second in the Champions league mate!!! KIU


Anderlecht qualify for Champions League Knockout round.
League form slides but we remain top of the league.
Progress is made in the Belgian Cup.

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Our form at the start of the month was dreadful, thankfully our performances picked up and we ended the month with a four game winning streak. Thanks to the break in Champions League I can now fully concentrate in ensuring we start to improve domestically now as I have been fairly disapointed with our start to the season in the league.

Champions League:

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We qualified for the knockout rounds!! Our final game is away to Barcelona so it's likely I'll play a few back-up players as the game will have no effect on the final standings.

League Table:

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We managed to remain first in the league despite our poor form early in the month.

Player of the Month
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Dieumerci Mbokani
He scored in 5 out of 7 games this month to ensure we remain in contention for the title.



Real Madrid will meet us in the 1st Knockout round of the Champions League.
League form remains inconsistant.
Transfer agreed: Tom De Sutter departs for £1.3mil

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Another inconsistant month has seen us drop points in three league games. Our defensive perfomances do not seem to be up to the standard set earlier in the season and this is something I'll look to rectify during the winter break.

Champions League:

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We finshed easily in second place, I expected it to be slightly closer than it was in the end as Olympiakos were disapointing.

Drawing Real Madrid so early on means I don't think we're likely to get further in the competition. I'm happy we managed to get out of the group but I fully expected it considering who we were drawn against.

League Table:

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Although we're top of the league I'm extremely disapointed that we haven't taken advantage and managed to get away from the chasing pack. On current form it is likely that the league will go down to the wire as I don't plan to improve my squad in January.

* Due to our terrible form I don't believe any grabbed the bull by the horns and deserved to be called player of the month
Done pretty well to get out of that Champions League group, one dodgy game in it and you could find yourself in trouble. League form is a bit patchy, but making for a good read mate!
Thanks for the support, due to unforseen issues with my old laptop i had to get a new one. This means I'll be attempting this again in a new save, but this time with a bigger database etc. Lets just hope I can get into the knockout rounds again!