Anderson and rodwell????? good duo????

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Feb 10, 2011
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Just bought them for man u 1st season. im going to pay them in the middle 4 4 2.

Do you think they will work well together? Anyone tried them both together? I know they are very good player, just never had them together. thanks

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also thinking of eriksen!!

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gonna sign cairney for sure, really like him
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Yes, it'd work well, if you utilise them in good roles.

Eriksen should be left to grow a little more before you introduce him, because he's not exactly great yet. Send him on loan so he gains match experience, then possibly in the next season (if you've bought him)

By the way, next time, such questions should go here.
Anderson sucks, isnt really United start potiential...
thanks mate

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he is gonna turn so good appaently in life and game..he will be running around people singing holla at me haha
Anderson sucks, isnt really United start potiential...

I beg to differ, both in FM and in real-life.

Anderson is playing well, he's starting to find his feet a lot more than in the earlier seasons of his career at Man Utd, and if the fans maintain faith in his abilities, just like the manager and the players have, he'll be key. Especially when Scholes hangs his boots up.

In FM, he turns out very well too, given that you nurture him.
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