Andrew Drechsler - 51% English, 49% German. 100% Footballer

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Feb 9, 2013
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Andrew Drechsler
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Andrew Drechsler (born 24 August 1976) is an retired English internatonal footballer who spent 18 years playing football spending 1993-2000 at Borussia Dortmund and 2000-2011 at Arsenal. Drechsler notched up 86 caps for England scorig 14 goals after deciding to play for his maternal nationality. Drechsler scored 108 goals for Borussia Dortmund and scored the third goal in the UEFA Champions League final in 1997. After a loss of form, Drechsler was released by Dortmund in 2000 and signed on a free transfer with Arsenal going on to win two Premier League winners medals and three FA Cups as well as two Community Shields before retiring at the age of 35.
Although having the surname Drechsler, Andrew's mother and family is English and his father's side is German. His father wanted Drechsler to play for Germany but Andrew wanted to play for England. After a row with his father after call ups from both Germany and England in 1996, Drechsler pledged his international allegiance to the Three Lions and made his debut for England. Drechsler and his father became distant but reconciled in 2005 in which Drechsler quoted "After 10 years of me and my dad exchanging the silent treatment over football we both realised how stupid we were acting and he contacted me and we started talking again and we went for a drink and we started doing stuff together while I was injured. He was at the World Cup game between the Lions and the Germans, he was routing for his home country and I was playing for mine and he didn't rub it in when we lost." Drechsler ended his international career in a friendly match between England and Italy which England won 2-1 after Drechsler's winner in the 79th minute
Now, you'd expect this story to begin with either Dortmund or Arsenal wouldn't ya, in management you can't immediately join a world-class club. The story starts in England, in League One, in Wolverhampton.
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Where do I book my plane ticket
Since going on Sky Sports and confirming my managerial intentions, my phone's been flooded with calls from lower league sides and some big clubs. I've said no to the ones I personally have no interest in taking forward but there are some really good things to do if I accept one offer from these teams; I want your opinions but the final decision will be mine.

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Wolverhampton Wanderers
After suffering a double relegation the fans want a solid manager who can guide the team up, the squad will have to be demolished and rebuilt and promotion will not be a given. A starting transfer budget of five million pounds and an expectation to win League One, it's possible but unlikely. Steve Morgan has a bad taste in managers and sacked the man who would of kept Wolves in the Premier League.
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Queens Park Rangers
Harry Redknapp doesn't know it but Tony Fernandes is seriously thinking of sending him on his way. He called me up and offered me the job but I'm not sure. QPR need A LOT of work and most of the squad will have to leave and building a whole new squad with the expectation of promotion is something which will take one or two seasons.
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The only Dutch club owned by a foreigner, their lead striker is wanted by European clubs and the owner has a decent amount of money. Vitesse would be a project lasting quite a few seasons and the squad will need some changes, I want to try and play a team with a lot of Englishmen and have a foreign project. This one intrigues me but I can't speak Dutch
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Moneybags Monaco, relegated from Ligue 1 in 2011, Claudio Ranieri is blissfully unaware that I can get him sacked in a minute. Finishing 8th in Ligue 2 last season, the rich club can be a serious contender to be promoted and then challenge for Europe, this challenge might be a bit too easy but the choice is yours.