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Mar 9, 2010
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Breaking news on Sky Sports homepage at the moment. I don't know anymore on it at the moment. This will be updated when more news has been reported.

It was reported that he had a bust up with manager Raymond Domenech

BBC Link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/world_cup_2010/8749698.stm
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Wow, Domenech really is hated by his players...
It was because he got in a argument with Domenech at half time :S
Why bother Domenech? Your team is shot and isn't going anywhere and you're out of a job in a week. Anelka may be a sulky SOB but is it really worth it?
Le Incredible Sulk strikes again. Oh dear, Nicolas.
you cant blame anelka in this, i really dont blame him. domenech is an absoulte useless ****.
Who cares.........France are out already and Anelka aint gonna get them to qualify
you cant blame anelka in this, i really dont blame him. domenech is an absoulte useless ****.

Despite this, shouldn't the players still want to go and win the world cup? It seems as if they have no pride representing there country and see blaming it on Domenech as a escape route to go back to there clubs...
Ungrateful ****. He is at the World Cup and he is arguing with his manager. What so many people would do to play in the tournament.
Apparently he swore at him at Half-Time, which is why he was subbed off and didn't show up for the rest of the game.

According to Gary Lineker (and the BBC), there will be a disciplinary investigation by the French FA and an announcement before their next game.
Obv from a Chelski fan.

anelka is a totaly different player since joining chelsea he actually enjoys playing for us. look at it this way this is proberly anelkas last major tournement if not his last world cup and demenech is just making **** up after **** up. Anelka just said what everyone else is thinking.
Do any of the French team behave like men? They're like sulky little children who throw a tantrum if they don't get what they want. Wah wah wah, life is so hard because I hate my manager!
It probably wont matter the last game for France is just a formality
With a bit of luck so will the rest of the French team. Tho probably at least half of them concider Africa home.
never mind, the **** did **** all anyways, he wont be missed and they are all going home after there last game so who cares?
France would be better off if Domenech got sent home.
Exactly, no matter how much of a ***** he is. Just plant him on the bench for one more game, sweep it under the rug and never cross paths with the guy again. He'll never play for France again, and who wants this on their wiki page? Domenech will have another black mark, Anelka as well. They don't have great legacies but why add any more black marks? Their already questionnable legacies will always be marred by this