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Jan 25, 2011
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Chapter one
Unexpected phone call

I had just woke up it was 6 am, i just couldn't sleep i went to kitchen to get some breakfest, i grab a bowl put some cornflakes in it also some milk and then i put on the Tv and then put on Sky Sports News Breaking News Kenny Daglish given the Scotland Managers Job. Now John.W. Henry has to look for a replacement for King Kenny they have no idea who will be the next Liverpool Manager. I was wondering who will they pick there are lots of people who would apply for the job but should i apply. At 6:30 while i was eating my breakfest i heared my phone ring it went like this Ring Ring Ring Banana phone Ring Ring Ring Banana phone i saw the number it said uknown i wonder who it is so i picked it up and said Hello who is this the person replied hi i am John.W.Henry the Liverpool owner i said ohhh why are calling me he replied Rafa how would like another shot at the Liverpool hot seat i replied i would love too then he said we are having meeting tommorw at 6 pm meet us at Boston in Usa i said Ok . Next i went on the coumpter to cheak flights to Boston the next flight would be today at 6 pm. I went upstaris to tell my wife and pack my stuff i told the news she looked overjoyed, I had to leave at 4pm to catch my flight to Boston the clock was getting near to 4 pm i called a taxi to come a pick me up and drive me to the airport the clock strike 4 pm i heared the taxi beeping outside really loud i walked up to taxi the taxi drive put my stuff in back of the car and off we went to the airport. He asked me why was i going to the airport i said bussness reason he said are going to move aboard i said no then i heared my phone ring i picked up staright away it was John.W. Henry he asked me are going to airport i said yes i on my way to airport he also said he had a room for me at a top hotel i thanked him and said bye. The taxi driver said im Liverpool fan i said im also a fan of Liverpool, he also said did hear the news Kenny left i said yes i have he said Liverpool should try and bring Jose Mourinho after that we both laughed i was minutes away from the airport.

I had arrvied at airport got out of the taxi took my bags and payed the taxi driver, he said bye to me i replied bye. While i was walking from the taxi to the airport i had caught some attention from people and the media. I had signed some shirts and pictures. Just then someone from the media asked me a question where are you going i didn't answer then they ask me are you going to usa i said nothing they asked me are you going to Boston i said nothing and carried on walking i went to baggie collection they hi i replied hi are you going to be the next Liverpool manger they asked me i replied maybe they took my bags i went off smiling. 1 hour till i bored my plane i was nervous and excited. I went into a shop and brought some lunch for my plane. My phone rang again it was my wife say see you soon and good luck. 5 mintues later phone rang agin it was Fernando Torres saying that Sky Sports News know that im going to Boston and el nino wished me luck in Boston i said i will looking forward to be working with me again. I started walking to the boreding place. I was taking Britsh Airways bussness class. When i got there i had 5 mintues spare i sat down and went on my Ipad. I went on Sky Sports News i read the Breaking News Nando wasn't lieing about what he said it said Rafa Benitez is travelling to Boston to discuss about a job at anfield. I got up went to desk they hi hope you have good flight i said thank you i showed my passport and ticket. I pass through and went to airplane i walked to my seat and put my bag above. We where about to leave Liverpool for Boston i happy and ready to meet up with John.W. Henry.

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I had arrived at Boston, i was really tried at the flight. When i went outside the airport. I say John.W. Henry i went up to him he said hi and said hi then we went inside the limo. We talked about what i done at Liverpool and why do i want to do it again i gave good answer i think. I arrived at the hotel and John said bye and see you at the meeting i replied bye. I went to get the keys from my room at the hotel desk, my room number was 145 i got up to my room it was very nice and i was amazed that John would get me room like this. So could i be the Liverpool manager again ?"As the door swung open i gazed at the furniture that filled the room, there stood next to the wall on my left was a mahogany desk, with a light placed in the corner turned on, so the light reflected back up to the light, and up the wall. Next to that stood a corner light on a metal stand, it looked unsafe to touch as it might break. looking to the oposite side of the room, i saw a window that had a view of the open city, the window was slightly open so i could hear the sounds from the street below, car horns blaring mainly. The open window allowed a gentle breeze to come across the room and flutter my hair. looking to the right of the room i saw a TV mounted on the wall, and a closet made of wood - stained to give it a darker look. the furniture was a peach colour to match the walls. there was a recliner chair in front of the TV and wooden chairs to go with the table - which lay in the middle of the room with a green plant that looked like it had had better days resting on top. I placed my bags in the room and closed the door behing me, trying to get acustomed to the room i found my self wandering into another doorway which found the bedroom with an en suite, "perfect" i thought. In my mind i thought about my wife back in liverpool, she would love this i should of asked Henry if i could have brought her along. the bedroom looked like any other with no distingusing features, it had a bed a bedside table and a wardrobe. The bathroom had a shower, sink and a toilet - there was nothing else of note. i thought to my self "where is the kitchen?" i rang up room service, and asked where i could cook, the lady on the other end replied "im sorry due to fire hazards we are not able to install kitchens any more" with this i slammed the phone down and took a wander around boston."

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I woke up at 7 am, today was the day that had to meet the Liverpool board i was excited and nervous. Today i could become the Liverpool manager or i would not. I prayed to God that i would get the job. First i had a shower then i ate some toast then i got into my suit. Just before i left i turned the Tv on then put on Sky sports news. It said Breaking News Rafa Benitez is on the brinkk of become the Liverpool Manager again werid because i haven't done the meeting. It was finally time to go to the meeting i had butterfiles in my tummy. I got into my fancy limo and off we went to Boston top bussness place. I arrvied there i was instucted to go to 3 floor room 23. I took the staris as i was very exicted and happy. I knocked on the door bang on 6 pm, i heared a voice say come in Rafa i went in and sat down oppestite John.W. Henry they asked me this what do want to do with Liverpool i said i want them to be champions league team agin i want them to win the europe league this season i want win the league with them also. Then they asked me what will you bring to the squad i will bring excitment, great football, and happieness. Who are you scared of i thought to myself that is very strange question then i said no one. Do you have trust in us i said of course i have trust for you. This Season we want you at least to finsh in a europe league spot and we want you to get to semi final of Fa cup and we want you at least to get as to quater- finals of europe league do think you can do that i answered yes i can do it. They said thank you the meeting over will let you know if you get the job i said thanks and bye the replied bye

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