Mar 23, 2012
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Decided to start a save with Anji the Russian billionaire owned team. Decent funds, decent team, why not try and make them the dominant force in Russia, and maybe the world? Or so I thought, Anji have about five players with real talent.. Eto'o, Diarra, Traore, Willian, and Jucilei. Maybe Bossouffa. So I'm playing a 4-4-2 tactic looking to control the game and play balls up to 6ft7in Traore to knock down for Eto'o. Problem is the team lacks a good winger for RM. So I need help. Who should I sign as a Right Midfielder with a Winger Role set to Attack. I have approx. 5 Million to spend, and decent wages to offer.

TL;DR Right midfielder for 5 million.
Enzo Perez, Vladimir Weiss and Elias Hernandez are pretty good too.
Went totally against my words, I spent the money improving GK and CB, got Strandberg, and Khune as GK. Hoping the goals will flow from Eto'o and either Traore/Washington to make my team competitive at the top.