Another Premiership star accused of *** charges


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Sep 19, 2005
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Police investigate rape claim against top footballer

· Two women allege they were attacked in hotel
· Case involving young star latest in series of scandals

Sandra Laville
Thursday October 6, 2005
The Guardian

A Premiership footballer is being investigated by police after two women claimed they were raped at a hotel in London after being picked up by the player at a West End nightclub.
Detectives from Operation Sapphire, which investigates all sexual assaults in the capital, are in the process of interviewing the women about the allegations, which centre on a highly paid young player who is an international. The allegations are the latest in a series of claims of rape and gang rape - or roasting - made against Premiership stars in the last two years. Although none of the allegations has been substantiated the flurry of claims - many of which were played out in the pages of tabloid newspapers - focused attention on the behaviour of young, highly paid footballers both on and off the pitch.

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In the latest case the women told police they met the player and one of his friends, neither of whom have been named, at a West End nightclub on Saturday night. They said the four later went back to a £1,000 a night suite in a five star hotel where, the women have claimed, both men took turns to rape them. The footballer had played in a Premiership game that day and was understood to be staying overnight at the hotel.
Detectives have taken statements from the women and are assessing the details of their allegations.

It is understood that the player concerned has not yet been informed that he is the subject of the allegations. A spokesman for Scotland Yard said yesterday: "We can confirm police are investigating allegations of serious sexual assault at a location in central London in the early hours of Sunday."

Scenes of crimes officers sealed off the penthouse apartment at the hotel yesterday and police also visited the nightclub, where they interviewed staff and collected CCTV footage.

The focus on allegations about Premiership stars has raised questions about their behaviour and that of young women who may pursue them and then make claims of sexual assault through the pages of newspapers. In a world where players are earning tens of thousands of pounds a week, some have complained that they are easy prey for women who want to sell their stories.

But with rape convictions at an all-time low in London - only one in five allegations results in a caution or charge - there are also fears that not enough is being done to pursue successful prosecutions. A review into convictions by Scotland Yard is due to be completed in the next few weeks. Initial findings have focused on the need to always use specially trained officers to investigate rape allegations.

Last year the Crown Prosecution Service said there was insufficient evidence to proceed against two Premiership stars, Carlton Cole of Chelsea and Titus Bramble, the Newcastle United defender. Both men were accused by a 17-year-old girl of taking part in a gang rape at the Grosvenor House hotel in central London. The case received widespread media coverage with one of the four accused confiding to the News of the World that such behaviour was common among footballers.

Another case of unproven sexual assault allegations involved three Leicester City footballers who were accused of raping three German tourists at a hotel in La Manga, southern Spain. All charges against the men - Paul Dickov, Frank Sinclair and Keith Gillespie - were dropped amid claims that the women were prostitutes.

Dutch police are investigating a claim that Robin van Persie, Arsenal's Dutch forward, raped a beauty queen in Rotterdam last summer. Van Persie was held for two weeks in custody. He denies all charges.

Devon and Cornwall police announced yesterday that no further action was being taken against Rufus Brevett, a Plymouth Argyle defender who was detained in August on suspicion of raping a 20-year-old woman and had been due to report back to police today


I hate to be the one to point it out, but Fulham were at home to Man Utd that day, and Man Utd have a few "young internationals". Could be one of thiers.
Gets boring now, it's always happening.
"Another" footballer. Just about sums it up. I think that girls are sleeping with them and then saying they got raped. Maybe after realising they arent as big as a footballer as the women think on the night they get drunk with them in the bar.
C. Ronaldo has been arrested about it today.
Apparently he went to the station voluntarily so maybe it wasn't him?
Its probably him whoose accused, though he may not have commited a crime.
This may be my biased opinion of united,but he's said he's innocent and I believe him. Its probably some stupid bint trying to make a few quid selling a story. He went to the station to comply with the police,so i doubt hes guilty
I agree with AJW. just think of this, why would he need to rape any girl, every girl i know would **** him in a second.
Exactly :thup: Think hes gona get bailed,and procedings will revolve around his matches
ajw said:
This may be my biased opinion of united,but he's said he's innocent and I believe him. Its probably some stupid bint trying to make a few quid selling a story. He went to the station to comply with the police,so i doubt hes guilty

Saying that he went to the police to comply with thier efforts isnt really saying anything at all. What else is he meant to do?

Im almost certain that it is a stupid bint trying to **** up his life and get compensation. And frankly something needs to be done to women who make false allegations of rape against men, because it can ruin people lives.

From what i've heard the evidence against him is just thier words and theres no physical evidence which in this sort of case will mean everything.
The two french birds say that Ronaldo and his relative raped the two of them in his hotel room. They then went to the hospital straight away and then reported it to the police on Monday.

There's too many of these stories going around these days, they just want to make a quick bit of money and earn them selves some 15mins of fame. Lock them up instead of Ronaldo (unless he did do it :lol:) thats were they deserve to be if they are found to be lying.
John said:
Saying that he went to the police to comply with thier efforts isnt really saying anything at all. What else is he meant to do?


Not go,i'm sure many people would resist arrest. Anyway good to see you agree with me

Today both Ron and his agent have strongly denied the claims
One of the girls was seen flirting with him in the hotel bar The Sun reports today.

What this prooves i have no idea, but im sure it will make her look less believable.
He probably didnt rape anyone. Its just what all these girls are doing now offering footballers it on a plate, taking there money and then accusing them of rape even though they probably wanted it.
That shadow doesn't look like lesley.

Looks more like Anouska.
They wont use the shadow of the person. It will justbe a random person
May aswell of had the big brother eye to be honest.
And it also wasnt Ronaldo who did it,Gregor you big stirrer
It was Lesley, showed on Sun front cover on ITV news.