May 20, 2013
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Hey everyone,

This is my first time posting a story on here, and I will attempt the San Marino challenge with a few extra added on rules. I had an attempt on the SM challenge in fm12 and got to san marino qualifying for the world cup and getting to the 2nd round (barley) however there were a few positions that my academy would simply never produce and I was also not nearly as good at the game as I am now. So below are my 2 added rules.

1. No signing players over 20.
This was designed to make the club side a little harder without making it too hard. Pure youth academy challenges take forever and from my experience SM tends to be in a terrible financial situation due to lack of home fans and in the serie C tend to lose money fast and will never agree to upgrading anything facility or coaching wise.

2. At least 1 player in every starting 11 needed to either have been there from the start, or have been through my academy. (helps keep the focus on youth)

If anyone else has any good rules to add, feel free to either message me or post them and I'd consider it. I'll try to do 10/20/30 game updates with this post depending on if it gets a following.