Jun 25, 2011
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So I'm currently st Neots in the premier league, my ground is at its max expansion (12,500) it was built in 2009, I am currently in 2028, am I eligible for a new ground from jan 2029 or will it be end of season?? I read somewhere 20 years?
Thanks in advance
I read it also that it takes 20 yrs between 2 stadium building. Just ask board at the end of season, you should get them to build you new one...
I have never heard of anybody that's actually got a stadium after 20 years though?
depends if the boards willing,your financial state allows to and if you're filling out the stadium in the first place which you are, whats your financial status like?
I am now in 2029, the option is there to ask for a new stadium but everytime I do they reject it, claiming they don't feel we need a new ground! I fill it every game and my finances are very good, when is the best time to ask for one? Or shall I just wait and hope they build a new one without me asking?? It's a pain in the **** cos its really holding me back financely!
You've got to ask, most new stadiums in the game are a result of pestering the board. Also, choose your retaliation and first statement wisely, different ones can have a large effect on the outcome.
I keep reloading it and choosing different responses same every time, I just assumed because its no longer greyed out I would have a good chance of it being accepted?