Any Advice For Starting With A Conference Team???


Nov 1, 2012
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I have just started a new save with Chester in the Blue Square Bet North League in attempt to complete the English hero achievement.

I have never been a lower league team before, I have always been with the big boys splashing cash or a team at the lower end of the prem, thats it.

I am looking for any advice really, in terms of where to look for good players? Other general advice for lower league teams?

The problem is I dont know any players in the lower leagues and apart from doing the usual looking at Transfer list, loan list and free players list I dont know where else to look for players or how to expand my scouting pool when I am not allowed anymore than 1 scout.

Thinking I am going to have to go old school and look through every single team's first and reserve squad from League 1 down :(

Any help is much appreciated?