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Any experience with Ashley Westwood? Or opinions on him...

May 15, 2013
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Greetings all....I'm in my second season with Swansea. Just let Ruben Yttergard Jensen go for 3m (...potentially not a great bit of business) and I need someone to rotate with Ekdal for my CM support role

Ashley Westwood of Villa is 23, has pretty good stats and a good scout rating and looks like I could improve him in the future, has anyone had any experience with him? I am worried his lack of strength & athleticism may see him overrun in the middle of the park considering he has a role similar to a box-to-box (or will do in my team)

Bear in mind I am not exactly flush with money atm, and I have set one of my targets as CL qualification at the end of the season.

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